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Replacing the Walking Belt on a NordicTrack Treadmill

NordicTrack Treadmills can vary in model style and while the model used in this repair example may not look exactly like your treadmill, the procedure demonstrated here is very similar. Always unplug the treadmill from the outlet before working around any moving or electrical components. If you need to use power while diagnosing an issue, please use caution.

Parts and tools needed:

Treadmill Belt Replacement Steps:

  1. Remove motor hood
  2. Remove the motor hood and place the walking deck into the storage position. Make certain that the storage latch is properly secured.

    Remove the motor hood

  3. Remove walking platform screws
  4. Locate and remove the screws from the underside of the walking platform. Your treadmill most likely has eight. Refer to your user’s manual for verification.

    Remove the walking platform screws

  5. Remove side rails
  6. Carefully lower the walking deck and remove the side rails.

    Remove the side rails

  7. Remove idler bolts
  8. Remove the idler bolts.

  9. Remove idler roller
  10. Remove the idler roller

  11. Remove drive roller
  12. While turning the drive roller by hand, pull on the inside of the drive belt in order to walk it off the drive roller pulley.

    Remove the drive roller

    Now remove the drive roller.

    remove the drive roller

  13. Remove walking belt
  14. Remove the four screws found above each of the isolators.

    Remove the four screws found above each of the isolators

    Using an Allen wrench, remove the four bolts found in each corner of the walking board. You will also need a crescent wrench.

    remove the four bolts

    With two people, lift the walking board up, and remove the walking belt.

    remove the walking belt

  15. Replace the walking belt
  16. Carefully place the new walking belt around the walking board.

    Replace the walking belt

  17. Reassemble the walking board
  18. Using your Allen wrench, replace the bolts in each of the four corners of the walking board.

    Reassemble the walking board

    Screw the isolator screws back into place.

    Screw the isolator screws back into place

  19. Reassemble the front roller
  20. Slide the drive roller into place. Walk the motor belt belt by hand onto the pulley just as it was taken off.

    Reassemble the front roller

  21. Reassemble the back roller
  22. Replace the idler roller. Screw the idler bolts back in. Screw the side rails back on.

    Reassemble the back roller

  23. Put the motor hood back on
  24. Now put the motor hood and screws back on.

    Put the motor hood back on

After replacing the walking belt with a new one please make sure to read our service tutorial on “How to Align the Walking Belt on a Treadmill” and “How to apply treadmill lubricant to the walking belt” for any help needed while adjusting the walking belt.