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The Nordic Track Rower – The Ultimate Workout Machine

The norditrack rower is a premium machine that has the ability to keep you motivated. It features dual air and magnetic resistance to provide a smooth, quiet, and powerful total-body workout. Its 22.0’’ monitor is loaded with interactive on-screen workouts and classes that can help you burn calories while having fun.


If you’re looking for a way to improve your rowing performance, iFIT offers a variety of classes to help you meet your fitness goals. These classes focus on different areas, such as endurance or HIIT cardio and cross-training. These classes are designed to give you the same benefits of cross-country skiing, aerobic dancing, jogging, swimming, and cycling without putting too much stress on your body.

iFIT is a streaming fitness platform that allows users to access high-quality workouts on their TV at home. It also lets them track their progress over time. The service requires a subscription, which is available on NordicTrack and ProForm exercise equipment or with other brands of smart treadmills, bikes, ellipticals, or resistance trainers.

The iFit app is free for the first year when you purchase a new NordicTrack or ProForm machine, then costs $15 per month. Customers can choose between an Individual Monthly Plan or a Family Monthly Plan. These plans auto-renew unless canceled.


Unlike rival rowers from Peloton and SoulCycle, these norditrack rowers feature a hybrid magnetic/air resistance system that allows you to customize the level of difficulty. They also come with a tablet clip and subscription content that provides instructional and motivational workouts. These features make them a good option for those looking to get a full-body cardio and strength workout at home.

PCMag calls NordicTrack’s iFit “a standout connected fitness system.” It includes trainer-led streaming workouts that automatically adjust the speed and incline of your machine via the console or handle. These classes are filmed in studios or on location around the world.

iFit’s SmartAdjust technology learns from your speed and incline adjustments. Then, it uses this information to craft a personalized workout for you. iFit includes thousands of workouts for all skill and fitness levels. It offers low-intensity jogging and walking workouts, HIIT workouts, yoga, stretching workouts and strength training workouts. It also has a variety of group exercise classes.

Intuitive Touchscreen

Unlike the infrared-based touch technology used in most smartphones, this system senses your fingers through sound. Ultrasonic signals too high-pitched to be audible to human ears hum along the edges of the display, and a microchip in the monitor knows when and where your finger touches it by measuring the amount of energy absorbed. The system can track multiple fingers and is unaffected by dust or scratches on the screen.

You can follow iFIT workouts and monitor your metrics on the large HD touchscreen display. SmartAdjust automatically changes the 26 digital resistance levels to fit your performance level.

The seat on this machine is higher in relation to the pedals than on Hydrow and Ergatta rowers, which might be an issue for some beginners. It also doesn’t fold and can’t be stored upright due to the size of the display. Thankfully, it has front-mounted transport wheels so you can move it around easily when needed.


As one of the most comfortable pieces of workout equipment available, Nordic rowers are great for anyone looking to tone their legs, burn calories, and lose weight. They also help to build lean muscle, reduce stress, and improve flexibility. They’re especially good for people with arthritis and joint pain because they are low impact exercises that work the muscles around the knees.

The RW900 Rower is the most expensive rowing machine NordicTrack offers and features a 22-inch touchscreen, a premium sound system, 26 levels of resistance, auto-adjusting technology, pivoting foot straps, and transport wheels. It can be used without iFit but requires an iFit subscription for access to the streaming classes and other training options.

The RW900’s seat sits fairly high off the ground, making it easier to get on and off than other types of rowers. It’s easy for most people to move by themselves, although it might take some finagling if you have mobility issues or live in an upstairs apartment.