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NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle Review

nordictrack bike

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is an excellent choice for cyclists looking to elevate their workouts. It offers a variety of workouts, from beginner-friendly rides to sessions for advanced cyclists.

NordicTrack bikes also offer a free 30-day iFit membership, which gives you access to live events, studio and on-demand classes, and personalized training. The iFit library is expanding quickly, with new workouts added regularly.

Free 30-day iFit membership

When you purchase the NordicTrack S22i, you can use it with an iFit family membership that’s included at no extra cost. This gives you access to a huge variety of workouts on your iPhone, Android phone or Google tablet.

With iFit, you can stream instructor-led fitness classes in a wide range of workout categories. They include running, biking, rowing, yoga, strength training, and meditation.

iFit also offers a community for users to share workouts, challenges, and motivational messages with their friends. You can even add up to four additional iFit members to your account, which is great for family and friends who also want to exercise together.

iFit also offers global workouts in exciting locations, such as beaches and mountain trails. You can choose from classes filmed all over the world or in studio settings, and they are taught by trainers with a variety of experiences.

Easy to assemble

The NordicTrack S22i is easy to assemble and comes with detailed instructions. In most cases, it takes less than an hour to set up and use.

The bike also has a large 22-inch touchscreen that you can rotate to find the best position for viewing workout tutorials and controlling the bike. It pivots from side to side and tilts upward to make it easier to view classes off the bike as well.

Customers love the automatic adjustments of resistance, incline, and decline to match their workout. They also appreciate the silent magnetic resistance system.

NordicTrack also offers a generous warranty on this product, including 10 years on the frame, 2 years on parts, and 1 year on labor. In addition, the bike comes with free standard delivery and a free one-year iFit membership.

Versatile workouts

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle offers a lot of the features you’d expect from an exercise bike like a rotating HD touchscreen, speakers, magnetic resistance and built-in iFit classes. It also has a power incline and decline feature that simulates a real-life climb or descent.

Its iFit subscription lets you choose from thousands of live and on-demand workouts, as well as races to join. And iFit’s global training features allow you to follow instructors as they ride in a variety of locations around the world, including cities and mountain trails.

Peloton, on the other hand, doesn’t have the same global training opportunities and doesn’t offer a “map based” workout feature like NordicTrack does. Still, Peloton’s studio-type workouts are better than NordicTrack’s outdoor scenic rides and Peloton’s mobile app is more robust with more trainers.

Great value

The NordicTrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is one of the best spin bikes for the money, and it offers a lot of value at a very affordable price. It’s a step up from the Peloton Bike+ and BowFlex Velocore in terms of features, and it costs about $200 less than Peloton’s bare-bones bike.

The S22i features a 22-inch rotating touchscreen that integrates with iFit to offer killer trainer-led scenic rides in beautiful places around the world. It also has adjustable incline/decline, and an AutoAdjust feature that adjusts the resistance and incline at a moment’s notice.

Unlike other studio-style bikes, this model allows you to adjust the incline and decline at your discretion. Its quick drive motor technology tilts the rear stabilizer up and down as you ride to replicate outdoor hills, and you can change the incline grade to match your training goals.