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NordicTrack RW900 Rower Review

NordicTrack is a brand known for making home fitness equipment that can compete with the likes of Peloton. Their RW900 rower has a large 22-inch monitor that provides an immersive experience.

The included iFIT membership offers access to trainer-led workouts that vary the resistance based on the instructor’s cues. Some users who are usually bored with exercise say they now want to work out twice a day!


The large touchscreen on this rower makes it easy to choose and monitor workouts, and the automatic resistance system is a nice touch. The machine also folds up and is relatively small when not in use, making it a good choice for people with smaller living spaces.

The included iFIT membership gives you access to some pretty amazing workouts. You can follow world-class instructors as they take you through a variety of workouts, or even “row” down streets and rivers around the world on Google Maps! There are also plenty of non-rowing-specific workouts, such as yoga and weight training.

This machine is a bit more expensive than the Ergatta, both in terms of up-front costs and monthly subscription fees, but it has some distinct advantages. It has a bigger, better display and a seemingly endless amount of workout programs.


The NordicTrack RW900 has a comfortable seat and handle for the user to keep them comfortable throughout their workout. It also has a wide foot-pedal area that can fit any size of shoe and is soft enough to prevent blisters. The screen can swivel and has an auxiliary music port for easy access to your favorite playlist during your workout.

While not as sturdy and solid as the Concept 2 rower, this model can still hold up to a lot of abuse. It is built with a combination of durable steel and aluminum. This helps to make it very stable and strong for years of use.

The RW900 has a wide 22-inch full HD touchscreen monitor that allows you to stream Studio and on-demand iFit workout classes. These classes are hosted by professional trainers and focus on different parts of the body. Users who normally get bored easily during a workout found these classes to be very motivating and challenging.


While all of the rowers in our guide meet a high standard for functionality and experience, one rower stands out as truly unique. The Ergatta zigs where other companies zag, with a smarter design and gaming-inspired content that provides an entertaining, effective workout.

To make this smarter rower, the company uses a premium steel frame that’s exceptionally sturdy and durable. The machine’s ergonomic handlebars are also non-slip to prevent injuries. Similarly, the footrests are non-slip to ensure that your feet don’t slip off during a workout.

Its HD touchscreen console integrates with iFit, giving you access to an extensive library of instructor-led scenic and studio classes. The display is large and can pivot, allowing you to follow along with your trainer without taking your eyes off the screen. It has 26 levels of resistance, built-in speakers, and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s also backed by a 10-year frame warranty and 2-year parts warranty. It comes assembled, and requires only a quick setup.


All NordicTrack rowers come with a free 30-day family iFit membership ($39/month). With hundreds of live and on-demand classes, you’ll have no trouble finding something to challenge you. You’ll have the choice of studio rowing sessions, yoga, strength training, high-intensity interval training, and more.

The RW900 comes with 30 preloaded workouts, including trainer-led sessions with automatic resistance adjustments. It also has a large monitor that’s easy to read from various positions on the machine. You can choose to row on rivers from around the world, which is great for getting a full-body workout without leaving your home.

If you want a more budget-friendly option, consider the RW200. This hybrid resistance rower has an inertia-enhanced flywheel to create a natural rowing experience. It’s not as quiet as air rowers, but it offers a long warranty on the frame and parts. It also has a higher maximum user weight capacity than the Concept 2 Model D. If you’re serious about rowing, though, the Model D is the gold standard.