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NordicTrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical Trainer

Nordictrack Commercial 9.9 Elliptical

The Commercial 9.9 elliptical blends technology and comfort to provide an immersive and interactive workout experience. The 14-inch Smart HD touchscreen serves as your control panel, and iFIT features include expert trainer-led workouts that keep you motivated and challenged. It also has Google Maps workout technology to offer variety and a real-life terrain feel.


A good elliptical workout can help you achieve your fitness goals and meet the Centers for Disease Control’s recommendation to exercise muscle-strengthening activities at least twice a week. However, if you don’t mix up your workouts, you can become bored and lose motivation. Fortunately, NordicTrack offers a wide variety of iFIT workouts to help you stay motivated and engaged with your fitness plan.

iFIT is an interactive training feature available on select NordicTrack ellipticals. It features world-class personal trainers who adjust the machine’s resistance and incline to provide a personalized experience. You can choose to experience boutique Studio Classes from the comfort of your home or travel around the world with Global Workouts.

iFIT provides an engaging workout experience that’s far more entertaining than simply staring at a graph of your progress. It also helps you track your progress and see visible results, which is a big motivator for many people. You can also purchase iFit videos on YouTube to add more variety to your workout.

Adjustable stride

A good elliptical should be durable and provide a comfortable workout. It should also have a reasonable flywheel weight, which will ensure that the machine is quiet and smooth. Heavier flywheels are better for high intensity workouts, but they’re typically more expensive. It’s also important to choose a machine with a natural stride length that fits your height. If the stride is too short, it can feel uncomfortable to use and won’t challenge you enough.

NordicTrack offers a number of smart ellipticals that feature adjustable stride length and power-adjustable incline. These machines are also easy to use and have a large range of resistance levels. They also offer a wide variety of workout programs that let you choose from 30 preprogrammed exercises or follow your iFIT trainer through terrain-matching workouts. Some models also feature built-in EKG grip pulse sensors that help you monitor your heart rate while exercising. In addition, these ellipticals can fold into themselves for convenient storage.

Safety features

If you want to get a good workout in your home without the stress of going to a gym, then an elliptical trainer is an excellent choice. This machine provides a low impact workout and will burn calories in your upper body, legs, and back. Besides, you can adjust the resistance level to challenge yourself. It also has a tablet holder, and you can listen to music on your smartphone while exercising.

You can customize your workout using the console’s iFit subscription service, which has thousands of trainer-led iFit classes. The trainer-led iFit classes will automatically adjust the incline and resistance levels of your machine. You can also choose routes from around the world and see what the workout would look like on a real road.

Before making a purchase, it is a good idea to try the elliptical in person at a fitness equipment retailer. Some stores may offer a trial period, which can help you make the right decision.


NordicTrack offers iFit, interactive programming compatible with its equipment. It provides access to trainer-led classes and other workout programs that are designed based on calorie burn, incline training, and heart rate. It also offers a built-in fan that adjusts its speed based on your heart rate.

iFit requires an iFit-compatible tablet or smartphone to connect. It allows you to follow live or on demand studio classes and travel around the world via the Global Workout series. Trainers will automatically adjust your elliptical’s resistance level to optimize your workout and mimic the ups and downs of real-world terrain.

The NordicTrack elliptical line features rear drive machines and front drive machines. Rear drive models (SE9i and SE7i) are called SpaceSavers, as they can be folded vertically after a workout to reclaim floor space. Front drive ellipticals are more advanced and support longer strides. They also offer a wider range of fitness apps and have a built-in tablet ledge.