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Comparison of the Nordic Track Elliptical Series

At any given point in time the company sells a selection of around 10 NordicTrack ellipticals ranging in price from just $1299 to more than $3000, while the more expensive ones are the most popular by far. NordicTrack’s philosophy and mission remain the same, no matter how much time has passed since they first entered the market, and that remains their goal…making an affordable yet fully functional exercise machine with all the features and functions that the consumer could desire, whether it be a novice or an experienced athlete. The latest models also offer a way to personalize your workout routines and target certain muscle groups for improved effectiveness. For example, the latest versions of NordicTrack come with workouts specifically designed for the arms, legs, and hips. This means that even if you have a difficult goal to reach, you can easily do so by targeting specific muscles.

If you’re on a budget but still want a quality elliptical trainer then you may be interested in NordicTrack’s newer line of units. The new lines start at the price point of two thousand dollars, with more moderate models coming in at a little less than one hundred dollars. The difference between the more expensive and lower end units is in quality. The higher end units from Nordic Track are constructed with higher quality materials, include an adjustable stride length, and come with many useful features including heart rate monitors, foot pedals, and workout options that allow you to customize your workout. The lower-priced models are just as effective but tend to be lacking in some of these more advanced features. The choice between the two is really a matter of personal preference.

The first thing to consider when choosing an elliptical machine is what your overall goal is. Do you need lower body support, or high intensity cardiovascular activity? Most machines include both upper and lower body support, but some support only comes from one area, while others provide it from both sides. If you need help determining which areas you need additional support for then it is probably a good idea to look at reviews for the model you are considering.

The next thing to consider is how you plan on using the machine. Some ellipticals have pre-set programs and workouts. Some of these are fitness machines and others are cross country trainers. Some are geared towards quick bursts of activity, while others are designed to slowly build up your total calorie count over time. Once again, Nordic Track has provided a lot of options in this department.

Cross trainers tend to be for the athlete who needs to be moving quickly from one spot to another. They are often used indoors or in gyms and are very popular amongst professional athletes. They feature higher quality ellipticals with extra features, including heart monitors and computers to customize workouts. These machines also provide many more options for exercise programming, so they are more popular among gym users as well as home fitness enthusiasts.

Ellipticals come in several price ranges. This range is dictated mostly by features, but there are some exceptions. If cost is a big factor, then it may be a better idea to purchase a machine that is not as expensive as the higher end treadmills. This may mean purchasing a cheaper model treadmills with less features, or it may mean investing in a used fitness equipment retailer that specializes in discounted fitness equipment. The best advice here is to research your options and weigh your options!

Another thing to keep in mind when comparing the Nordic Track against other models is the type of resistance that the machine offers. There are basically two types of resistance on ellipticals: front drive and rear drive. Some cheaper models may only offer front drive resistance, which can be fine if you just need to get some cardio done in the comfort of your own home. However, if you need more resistance for a fat burning, increased muscle endurance, or even enhanced cardiovascular conditioning, then you may want to consider looking at models with rear drive motors.

Of course, each machine has different features. Some of the more expensive units from the Nordic Track line include various extra features, such as computerized displays of your workout stats. You may also want to consider additional features, such as heart rate monitors, that may not be included on a cheaper unit. For a better value, you should try looking for discount fitness equipment retailers that specialize in lower priced ellipticals. You can often get the exact same equipment for less money and have all the extra features you desire without sacrificing on quality.