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NordicTrack Bike Review

nordictrack bike

NordicTrack’s studio cycle line resembles products like the popular Peloton bike in many ways, with large touchscreens and interactive personal training via iFit. But these bikes are more affordable.

And they offer iFit’s live workouts, which change resistance and incline for you as your trainer guides you along on super cool locations around the world.


NordicTrack’s iFit platform is one of the most sophisticated connected exercise subscriptions available. It includes a full library of trainer-led strength, running, and mind classes as well as scenic rides that take place all around the world. iFit also allows coaches to control your machine in select workouts—a detail that helps it stand out from competitors like Peloton.

iFit also adds new content daily, so you’ll always have something to do. You can also customize your experience by filtering classes based on type, location, length, and instructor.

Another highlight is the S22i’s incredibly narrow Q-factor (the distance between the crankarms where the pedals attach) of 150mm. This is close to the standard road bike Q-factor and makes the ride feel more authentic. However, the S22i’s standard exercise bike seat doesn’t provide much lower back support, so if you have a bad back, you might want to replace it with a comfort seat. Alternatively, you can mount a road bike saddle with a post and clamp attachment.

Inclination & Decline

The NordicTrack S22i has a pretty light flywheel for its price class. That may make it harder for riders who aren’t used to a lighter bike, but it can also be a good thing because it means less of a need for resistance adjustments.

One of the best features on this bike is its ability to incline up to 20% and decline down to 10%, which helps to make the ride feel more immersive. It also shifts your sense of gravity, which changes how hard it is to pedal.

The only other at-home studio cycle bike we’ve seen with this incline/decline feature is the Peloton Bike+, which is currently on closeout sale. That could mean either that the product is being discontinued or it’s about to get an upgrade, so you might be able to score a deal on it. Both bikes offer high-quality cycling workouts and instructors, but Peloton offers more live and on-demand classes than the NordicTrack.

22-Inch Smart Touchscreen

The main feature that sets this bike apart from the others in the Commercial S series is its 22-inch touchscreen, which rotates and tilts for an immersive experience while following along with iFit classes. This also makes it easier to use when you want to do a strength workout on top of your cycling class.

This screen is one of the best in its class for streaming on-demand, trainer-led workouts from iFit, which offer immersive experiences of scenic rides around the world and a variety of other types of exercise. The bike is also equipped with hybrid pedals that are compatible with both SPD and standard cages, which gives you more flexibility for footwear.

This NordicTrack bike has 24 levels of resistance, which is less than the BowFlex Velocore or Peloton Bike+, but still a good range for keeping your heart rate up and burning calories. It also uses magnetic resistance, which is quieter than the air-powered resistance found on many other bikes.


NordicTrack’s bike is designed to accommodate people of various body types and sizes. A wide range of seat and handlebar adjustments allows users to find the perfect fit. This ensures that the user can ride comfortably without sacrificing the bike’s performance or durability.

The brand’s bikes also feature a range of resistance levels that can help users customize their workout intensity. They can choose between digital and manual resistance, which lets them control their workouts via a screen or manual knob. These bikes also use magnetic resistance, which is optimal compared to friction resistance that can wear down over time.

These bikes typically offer a high weight capacity that can support the majority of their users. However, you should check the product specifications to ensure that it can safely hold your weight. It’s also important to consider your personal fitness goals before you buy a nordictrack bike. For example, you should decide whether you want to simulate outdoor cycling or participate in high-intensity workouts.