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NordicTrack Bike Review – The Commercial S22i Studio Bike

nordictrack bike

NordicTrack‘s Commercial S22i studio bike is a top-choice for an immersive at-home workout. The HD touchscreen delivers a ride that feels like a real outside trip, with trainers and terrain changing resistance and incline automatically.

The bike uses silent magnetic resistance, a more durable option than friction pedals. And two 30-watt speakers amplify music or iFit classes to keep you motivated and focused.


While most home exercise bikes provide several levels of resistance, the NordicTrack S22i takes it to a whole new level. This bike features power incline and decline that can be controlled via the 22-inch touchscreen. This feature, combined with iFit’s trainer-led sessions and Google Maps rides, creates an immersive experience that simulates outdoor cycling.

The Commercial S22i Studio Cycle is one of the most popular options on the market, thanks to its immersive experience and impressive set of features. The bike is designed with a wide range of riders in mind, from beginners to advanced athletes. Its adjustable seat and handlebars and pedals with hybrid cages (compatible with cycling shoes or SPD cleats) allow it to accommodate users of all heights.

Its touchscreen is also a standout feature, offering an on-demand library of more than 16,000 workouts and a virtual trainer. This bike can also sync with iFit instructors and automatically adjust its resistance, incline, and decline to mirror the instructor’s instructions.


NordicTrack is an American company that manufactures exercise bikes, treadmills, strength training equipment and ellipticals. Its premium exercise machines are designed to help people stay in shape at home and are popular with both casual and serious fitness enthusiasts alike.

The company’s frugal management and well-executed direct response ads helped propel the small family business to a national presence. It also diversified its offerings with a line of body-toning products, including AbWorks for the abdomen and LegShaper Plus for the thighs.

By the late 1980s, NordicTrack was a multimillion-dollar company. However, it was facing competition from larger companies like iFIT Health & Fitness Inc. and the Sears chain of stores.

The S22i is an upright bike that uses magnetic resistance for a smooth and quiet performance. It has a 22-inch smart HD touchscreen that allows you to interact with your workout. The bike’s ergonomic design includes an adjustable oversized cushion seat and Autobreeze workout fan.


All NordicTrack products are backed by a limited warranty. The company also offers a free, 1-year family membership to iFit, an interactive fitness platform that includes streaming workout classes in studio settings and virtual tours around the Alps and Hawaii.

The manufacturer’s limited warranty covers most issues, but it only provides short-term protection. An extended warranty is a better option for buyers looking to protect their investment with broader and longer coverage.

The manufacturer’s limited warranty does not cover damage caused by freight or improper use. It does not apply to products used for commercial or rental purposes, as store display models, or if they are transported outside of the United States. Customers should contact their retailer to determine whether the product is covered by the limited warranty. Those who purchase an extended warranty should be aware that it may not be available for all products or in every state. In addition, the cost of an extended warranty can increase over time.


The Commercial S22i Studio Cycle from NordicTrack is the most expensive bike on this list, but it also includes your first year of iFit classes free of charge. This class subscription allows you to participate in live classes and follow the instructor’s resistance settings while riding. The bike also comes with AutoAdjust technology and features a 20% live incline control and 10% live decline control. It also has a quiet drive and a 14-in HD smart touch screen that displays an on-demand workout library and progress tracker.

Both the Commercial S22i and the Peloton bike have similar physical specs, but the two differ slightly in their magnetic resistance systems. The S22i’s resistance system is digitally controlled via buttons on the handlebars, while the Peloton has a traditional metal flywheel that you can turn to adjust your workout difficulty.

Most of NordicTrack’s bikes come with 30 days of iFIT included, which gives you access to countless interactive personal training experiences. iFIT offers world-class trainers who adjust the resistance, incline, and decline of your exercise bike to provide an immersive workout experience.