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When it comes to innovative fitness equipment, few pieces of equipment can compare with the Nordictrack. This state of the art machine incorporates many of the features found in more expensive models, but still manages to pack in a number of value-added features, as well as cutting-edge design. If you have been looking for a simple, effective, affordable machine that can help you get fit, you owe it to yourself to check out the line of machines. While it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that other models have, it certainly packs a punch when it comes to value for money. It’s a great machine for people who prefer a smaller, more affordable machine. But what are the features that set the system apart from the crowd?

nordictrack elliptical

Most NordicTracks ellipticals (including the SE7i, FS5i and SL1500i) are equipped with an integrated HD screen. Even the SE7i & FS5i (two different models) have been integrated with iFit Coach, which is an ICON Fitness membership service for accessing a massive library of exercise videos specifically for your treadmill. With the iFit Coach subscription, you will receive detailed instructions and workouts on the specifics of your treadmill, as well as valuable information on the latest trends in fitness technology. The software also allows you to upload your own workouts and track your progress. The possibilities are endless with the NordicTracks machine – so much so, that you may find it difficult to actually get around your gym without using it.

Another unique feature of the NordicTracks Elliptical is its ability to alter your resistance depending upon how tired you are. In addition to providing a greater level of resistance for a cardio workout, this is also a great feature for an elliptical trainer with limited space. The added resistance will help you increase your calorie burning potential while keeping you motivated. For the price range of the models compared to the competition, this is an excellent feature and one you definitely want to look for when shopping for an elliptical trainer.

One of the main differences between the SE version of the NordicTracks Elliptical is its drive system. The SE drive system uses front-drive and rear-drive units. Although the names may sound similar, the main differences between the two is that the rear-drive unit is heavier and more expensive. Front-drive ellipticals, on the other hand are lighter and cheaper.

The SE units also use a powerful flywheel and are considered to be some of the most technologically advanced ellipticals available. Many consider the SE7i to be an improvement over the older SE models. The flywheel allows the user to change resistance levels and speed without engaging the pedals. This makes the SE7i a unique product as it offers a smooth, fluid action while incorporating a truly hi-tech drive system.

With many of the new equipment versions there are also some changes to the resistance levels. Most of the current models on the market offer five resistance levels. You can choose between low, medium, high and ultra high. Most of the lower-priced machines use a gear mechanism to determine resistance levels which makes them appropriate for use in a home gym setting. The higher priced machines are considered to offer better overall performance and can be used by athletes or serious fitness enthusiasts.

One of the features on the SE models is the inclusion of the FITten Network. The FITten Network provides a connection to a personal trainer by using the same touch screen interface found on some of the higher priced models. This connection uses the wireless technology to transmit the data so that the information can be reviewed at any time during your workout. The SE 7.5 and Nordic Catamount models have a built in weight scale display that measures your weight while you are exercising.

Nordictrack elliptical come with two additional features that some may find useful. The first of these features is the FITten Network connection which allows you to receive instructions from your trainer and receive push-ups, sit ups and total body workouts via your personal computer. The other helpful feature is the heart rate monitor, which measures your heart rate on a timer. The two features, while not necessary to get an effective workout, can help to make your workout more interesting. These two extra features make the SE Performance Elliptical an excellent choice for those looking to get in shape or add a little fitness to their homes.