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NordicTrack Treadmill Drive Motor Replacement

NordicTrack Treadmills can vary in model style and while the model used in this repair example may not look exactly like your treadmill, the procedure demonstrated here is very similar. Always unplug the treadmill from the outlet before working around any moving or electrical components. If you need to use power while diagnosing an issue, please use caution.
Treadmill Drive Motor Replacement

Treadmill belt replacement parts needed:

Motor Replacement Steps:

    Remove hood screws

  1. Remove hood screws
  2. Locate and remove the motor hood screws found on the sides and front of the motor hood.

    Remove the motor hood

  3. Remove the motor hood
  4. Lift the motor hood up and out to remove it.

    Loosen idler bolts

  5. Loosen idler bolts
  6. Loosen, but do not completely remove, the idler bolts. Note the number of turns it takes to loosen them.

    Remove rails and hood<

  7. Remove rails and hood
  8. Carefully, remove the side rail and motor hood.

    Remove the Drive Belt

  9. Remove the Drive Belt
  10. While turning the drive roller by hand, pull on the inside of the drive belt in order to walk it off the drive roller pulley.
    To simplify this step, you may consider removing the drive roller completely.

    Remove the wires labeled A plus and A minus.

  11. Remove Drive Motor and motor wires
  12. Please ensure that the treadmill is unplugged from the power outlet. Disconnect the wires connected to the drive motor. You will find those wires on the controller board. Remove the wires labeled A plus and A minus.

    Next, locate and remove the AC hot wire from the controller. Find and remove the wire going from the drive motor to the back of the reset switch.

    Remove Drive Motor
    With a second person holding the drive motor, locate and remove the two drive motor mounting bolts as shown. Lift the drive motor out.

    Install the new Drive Motor

  13. Install the new Drive Motor
  14. Put the new drive motor in place as a second person tightens the two drive motor bolts.

    Reconnect the drive motor wires

  15. Reconnect the drive motor wires
  16. Replace the wire that was unplugged from the reset switch.
    Reconnect the AC hot wire.
    Plug the black wire onto the A minus connector, and the red wire onto the A plus connector.

    Reassembly drive roller

  17. Reassembly drive roller
  18. Put the drive roller walk the drive belt onto the roller just as it was taken off.

    Reattach the motor hood

  19. Reattach the motor hood
  20. Replace the side rail and the motor hood tighten the idler bolts the same number of turns it took to loosen them.