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NordicTrack Elliptical bushing replacement

NordicTrack Elliptical bushing replacement

Over time and with constant use, an exercise machine’s bushings or bearings can wear out. A clicking or knocking noise that matches the rhythm of your movement can indicate a worn bushing. A grinding, scraping or scratchy noise could indicate a worn bearing.

The procedure for replacing worn bushings or bearings is the same. In the following steps we will replace the arm bushing in the right pedal arm of a NordicTrack elliptical. The procedure you see here differs only in what you will have to disassemble in order to access the worn part.

Treadmill belt replacement parts needed:

  1. Locate the faulty bushing
  2. Tracking the noise, locate the bushing or bearing that needs to be replaced and remove any plastic shields or covers needed to access the part.

  3. Remove plastic covers
  4. Here we remove the plastic cover from over the joint between the right hand pedal arm and the right hand lower body leg. We do this by gently pressing on the cover’s seam, until it pops off.

  5. Remove bushing cover
  6. Next we remove the screw and washer that hold the plastic cover in place on the inside of this joint and remove that cover.

  7. Remove bushing bolt
  8. Now we remove the bolt, nut and washers that hold the axle in place.

  9. Remove spacers
  10. Then we remove the spacers on either side of the axle and carefully separate the arm and leg.

  11. Remove the axle
  12. Now, remove the axle. Use a screw driver or a similar tool to push out the one the one bushing or bearing. Place the tool against the inside the bushing or bearing and working your way around in a circle tap the bushing or bearing until it comes free. This pedal arm has both an inner and outer bushing. Remove both.

  13. Install new bushing
  14. Put the new bushings or bearings into place making sure they fit snugly.

  15. Reassemble
  16. Once they are in place, reassemble your machine.