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NordicTrack Vault and Mirror Review

nordictrack vault

The NordicTrack Vault is a weight lifting vault that comes with built-in weight storage. It’s a sturdy, carbon steel frame that can fit a variety of gym equipment, but it’s compact enough to fit in an apartment. A 10-year frame warranty and two-year parts and labor warranty are standard features. While you won’t get a refund for shipping costs, you’ll be able to take advantage of their limited-time financing options.

The NordicTrack Vault has a built-in touchscreen display and a 6-foot mirror. The mirror can turn 360 degrees so you can view yourself in all angles while you work out. The touchscreen display also offers 158 fitness workouts, separated into four different categories – strength, yoga, recovery, and HIIT. You can choose the level of difficulty you want to reach with different workouts, or even filter them by fitness level.

When purchased, the NordicTrack Vault comes with an iFit subscription, which gives you access to a library of over 16,000 iFit classes. The library is available both on-demand and live. In addition to this, the NordicTrack Vault comes with a yoga mat, dumbbells, kettlebells, and resistance bands, so you can see exactly how you’re doing.

When you’re not using the Vault, you can use the mirror as a regular mirror. It has a carbon steel frame, a 61.5-by-22.5-inch reflective mirror, and a hidden 32-inch HD touch screen. The door is easily adjustable, too. The mirror also has a latch, which locks it in place in front of the storage shelves. The NordicTrack Vault also comes with a cleaning cloth, which you can use to wipe off any smudges that may have occurred on the glass.

Another feature of the NordicTrack Vault is its iFit fitness program, which allows you to follow along with an iFit trainer in the privacy of your own home. Using the iFit app, you can access fitness classes and personal trainers on demand. You can also use the video feature to get access to various workout routines. You can customize your workout to meet your needs. It also offers you plenty of storage space for your workout equipment.

The NordicTrack Vault is available for pre-order, and is expected to ship in February. Besides a 32-inch rotating touchscreen, it has three speakers, Bluetooth compatibility, and iFit workouts. A pre-order of the NordicTrack Vault comes with a one-year complimentary iFit membership, which includes 140 workout routines. You can also purchase a family membership for $396.

The NordicTrack Vault comes in two basic models: the Standalone version costs $1,999 and the Complete package costs $2,499, depending on the accessories you want. The complete package is more expensive but includes a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, three resistance bands, and six sets of dumbbells ranging from five to 30 pounds. The NordicTrack Vault also comes with a complimentary towel.

NordicTrack Vault is a great addition to any home gym. Not only does it take up minimal space but it offers top-notch workouts. It also includes iFit workout classes, which are a great way to exercise with an instructor. The front screen of the NordicTrack Vault shows the instructor’s face and reflection, and allows you to follow along. With all of these features, the NordicTrack Vault is the perfect tool for any fitness enthusiast.