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Nordic Ironman and the Nordic Ironman Dock

The Nordictrack Vault is a unique and innovative digital weight and fitness bench that provide the user with a solid and durable platform for performing all of their workout routines, and can be programmed with most any fitness program. One of the greatest benefits of using a digital bench is that it breaks down the monotony of sit-ups or crunches and allows the exerciser more mobility. The first time I used one was a little disconcerting because of its unique design, however once I got used to it, I really liked it. I also like the various levels of resistance on this unit, which ranges from a light breeze to a hard impact. It makes it very interesting to use as it offers a wide range of workouts for all fitness levels.

nordictrack vault

When I purchased the Nordictrack Vault I was mainly interested in buying a home gym consisting of a chest and arm row machine, but I also wanted a portable and flexible multi-purpose bench that would also do a body fat analyzer test and a few other things. I found that this multi-purpose bench performed most of my exercises quite well and provided some resistance level progression that I was satisfied with. The Vault was a bit more expensive than I was initially expecting, but after using it for several weeks I have not had to buy another pair of dumbbells since they are all stored on the platform and they do not slide around. Most of my workouts last between thirty and sixty minutes depending on how out of shape I am when I leave the house. The hardest workouts last about three and a half hours, so this was perfectly fine for me.

The first thing that I noticed about the Nordic Ironman workout program from Nordic Ironman was that there were no buttons to push to change programs. I like that feature because it allows me to go easy on the amount of reps or sets I am doing, thereby maintaining my optimal fitness level. The Vault gives me the ability to simply step on the platform, find a new level that I am comfortable with, and start my workouts. The Vault features a sixty mirror screen that will let me see my form throughout my entire body if I am concentrating on one particular section of my body or doing multiple reps. This gives me a solid overview of my overall performance and where I am at with my fitness level.

One of the best aspects of the Nordic Ironman workout is that it comes with a sturdy carbon steel frame and a front release plate for added support. I also like that the Nordic Ironman uses a front rack and rear rack where you can store your workout gear. With the Nordic Ironman, I have a large mirror on the front of the frame that I use to check my form throughout my entire workout and the reflective mirror on the rear rack lets me see exactly what I’m doing and where I am working to improve my technique.

The Vault from Nordic Ironman gives me the same comprehensive workouts that I get with the Nordic Ironman and with the Vault you have a graphical representation of your workout so you can better evaluate your performance. The Vault comes with a large LCD screen and a foot pedal that allow me to easily change up my level of difficulty. There is also a nice touch sensitive display that allows me to workout my legs without having to look at my watch. The actual Nordic Ironman workout can be adjusted with three different settings from easy to challenging. I really appreciate the fact that there is a complete version of the Nordic Ironman Pro with this set.

The Nordic Ironman software program allows me to access my workouts remotely from my home computer. If I go on a vacation and miss a workout, I can still get a complete version of the Nordic Ironman from my home gym equipment. The Vault gives me that same functionality since I can take workouts with me wherever I go. If I want to work out from the hotel I can and if I want to keep a positive mental focus on my workout I can do so from my home gym equipment as well.

My personal favorite feature of the Nordic Ironman Hike and Ironman Map is the ability to download it onto my laptop and use it from any location. I have taken the time to test out several versions of the Nordic Ironman Hike and there are many things I like about the software program that I can do in my own home gym. Some of my favorite workouts that can be done with the Nordic Ironman include the underwater section, the course, and the recovery run. The underwater section is awesome because I have used this in the past to prepare for shorter interval workouts like the mile run. I love being able to use my own water resistance during my workouts and it does not take up much room.

Another great feature of the Nordic Ironman Hike and Ironman Map is the fact that I can use my own workout monitor and not have to wear my heart rate monitor. The monitor that comes with the Nordic Ironman can be hooked up to my laptop and displayed my speed, distance, time, and other statistics. In addition to using my laptop, I also have the added benefit of being able to view my stats from my iPhone while I am away from home. If I want to get some extra motivation or information about my performance I can use the iPhone app as well. These two workouts are a great option for anyone who wants to get fit using their own treadmill or elliptical.