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Get a Great Workout at Home With a NordicTrack Rower

norditrack rower

This is a great sale on an excellent rower. It comes with a year free of iFit connected fitness app membership and also has SmartAdjust technology that allows you to adjust resistance automatically during workouts.

The machine uses nearly silent magnetic resistance with backup air resistance and 26 levels of intensity. It also includes a heart-rate monitor and offers iFit’s huge variety of classes led by Olympians.


You can get a full workout at home without having to worry about parking, battling crowds or finding open equipment. Plus, you’ll have more space to store your machine compared to other larger types of fitness equipment.

iFit is a training platform that offers trainer-led sessions at destinations around the world and on-demand studio classes led by 130+ trainers. It also provides thousands of off-the-rower workouts like yoga, boot camp, and kick boxing for cross training.

RW900 is the latest smart rower from NordicTrack, and it’s a step up from their previous models. It boasts a 22.0’’ HD SMART touchscreen and features that let you follow classes or trainer-led workouts. However, it doesn’t include live interactive training, so you cannot race against other rowers, which some users found frustrating.


While there are some differences between the two machines, many users find both to be excellent choices for home rowing. Both are highly rated and offer large touchscreens that keep you engaged during workouts. Both also have a wide variety of interactive programs. If you prefer a more traditional model, you can opt for the Concept2 rower that has five built-in workouts and basic metrics.

The degree of integration between the NordicTrack iRound rowing equipment and the iFit connected fitness app sets it apart from other brands. SmartAdjust is a new feature that automatically adjusts resistance to help you progress with your training. Users report that it has helped them push through the 30 minute workout threshold! Many users also enjoy the interactive trainers filmed at scenic locations that keep them motivated during workout sessions.


Rowing is a highly recommended cross-training option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts who predominantly use bikes or treadmills for their workout. Cross-training helps prevent injury and strengthens muscles and joints that are not typically exercised when you’re exclusively training on other types of equipment.

The RW900 is the latest smart NordicTrack rower and comes with a 22.0” HD touchscreen that lets you stream Studio and on-demand iFit classes led by top motivational instructors like Kevin Scott, Olympic rower, and Alex Silver-Fagan of CityRow. It also includes one month of iFit membership which gives you access to the best on-demand rowing trainer workouts both on the water and in the gym.

Unlike air rowing machines which feature a damper that controls how much air the fan can intake and create resistance, the NordicTrack RW900 uses digital silent magnetic resistance and is adjustable without your intervention using iFit’s atomic trainer control. This feature is called AutoAdjust and helps to keep your pace and intensity consistent and challenging.


iRoadTM is NordicTrack’s version of on-the-water and studio rowing classes, and it works with the company’s smart top-of-line rower, the RW900. It uses an inertia-enhanced flywheel and adjustable Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR) to support users up to 250 pounds.

The RW900 also offers 26 levels of magnetic and air resistance, which is more than enough to challenge both beginners and advanced users. The virtually silent magnetic resistance will not disturb sleeping family members or grouchy neighbors, while the air resistance provides more variation and mimics the feel of rowing on water.

The rowers feature built-in caster wheels and front swivels to allow easy movement within a room. They fold down with ease and have a SpaceSaver design that helps them take up less floor space than other types of exercise equipment. Users also reported that the machine feels well-made and is backed by a solid warranty.


Customers rave about how easy the NordicTrack RW900 is to set up, how it operates quietly and reliably, and how exciting iRowTM is to use. It’s like having interactive personal training at home!

It features dual air and digital silent magnetic resistance to deliver a powerful, smooth rowing stroke. It also includes a 22-inch HD smart monitor that’s being called the Peloton of rowers.

It features workouts led by iFit trainers and athletes from around the world. It also has a special SmartAdjust feature that automatically adjusts resistance during classes to help you progress faster and burn more calories. It’s the perfect way to improve your fitness and reach your goals! iRow delivers a total body workout that works over 85% of your muscles.