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How to Use iFit to stay in shape while out of town

Planning a trip to a new location provides an opportunity to explore the area. The challenge is preparing for the trip with the right strategies and tools when you plan to keep up with your fitness routine. Fortunately, iFit makes it easy to prepare for your next trip by giving you the tools to gain familiarity with your destination.

What is iFit?

When you plan to travel to a new area, you want to use iFit to prepare for the trip. The smart fitness technology, or iFit, provides a revolutionary experience during your workout routine. The technology focuses on helping you work on improving your health through variety and customization.
You use the technology to plan out your workout routine and work on your specific goals. The program adjusts automatically to keep up with the routine you put into the program and it allows you to stay on track with your plans for health and well-being.
The iFit technology works with NordicTrack exercise equipment. It allows you to make use of Google Maps, custom built workout routines and different workout options in various difficulty levels.

How Does iFit Work?

The way iFit works is simple. You install or start the program in your NordicTrack equipment and then you work on building a customized workout routine. Set the difficulty level based on your current fitness level as well as your specific goals.

Use Google Maps to run or bike through an interesting location. The integration of Google Maps allows you to plan your travel and trips after you feel comfortable with the area. The technology automatically adjusts the exercise equipment for the terrain after you set your destination and the route you plan to take for a run.

You will notice the changing scenery and surroundings on the screen at the front of your equipment. Google Maps will show the surroundings based on your speed. It moves the scenery as you continue moving on the equipment.

Get to Know the Neighborhood

A key advantage of using iFit before you travel is the opportunity to learn about the neighborhood. You can set a preferred route for your exercise routine and get used to the terrain and difficulty of the run. You also get a chance to see the neighborhood with the Google Maps images on the screen. You will see houses, the street and the features that set the neighborhood apart as you move.

The opportunity to get to know the neighborhood is a key feature that makes iFit useful when you want to prepare for a trip. It allows you to gain an appreciation for your surroundings and get used to the neighborhood before you set foot in the area. It also gives you an idea about the condition of the area and the potential areas you may want to avoid during a run.

You get to know the neighborhood with Google Maps, which allows you to feel comfortable during a trip. It also gives you an opportunity to adjust your route if you notice potential concerns in the local area.


Gain Familiarity with Your Route

Familiarity with a route while running is a key part of avoiding problems when you travel. While it may seem fun to get lost and explore a new area, it also leads to frustration and potential risks when you do not know your route while running or biking.

When you use iFit before you travel, you gain familiarity with your route. The integration of Google Maps allows you to learn about the different landmarks that can keep you from getting lost during your trip. It also allows you to get familiar with the area and gain confidence in your ability to get back to your hotel or the house where you plan to stay until you visit your destination.

While you may use iFit to get familiar with a running route, you can also try out different routes to determine the best path for your fitness routine. The opportunity to gain familiarity with several routes prevents you from getting lost during a run and allows you to adjust the route during your trip because you have a few routes to get back to your starting point.


Avoid Intimidation When Running During a Trip

Running, biking or keeping up with a fitness routine while you travel may seem intimidating during your first trip. You do not know the neighborhood and you may feel uncomfortable with the idea of getting lost. By using iFit before the trip and getting familiar with the area, you avoid feeling intimidated or uncomfortable with your route.

Intimidation during a run stems from a few key factors: you may worry about getting lost, you may have concerns about the local environment and you may feel uncomfortable with new surroundings. When you use Google Maps and watch the scenery during your exercise routine, you gain confidence in your ability to run through the area. You also learn the terrain, which allows you to avoid feeling uncomfortable about the different levels of difficulty when you visit a new location.


Get in Shape

While the primary reason you want to prepare for a trip with iFit relate to your self-confidence in learning about the area and avoiding potential problems when you move or visit a new location, the preparation also gives you a side benefit. You will gain greater self-esteem because you will be in shape and fit before you actually start your trip.

Regular exercise with iFit to learn the neighborhood and get familiar with your route allows you to feel comfortable with the terrain and any changes to the terrain. The regular running or biking with exercise equipment also improves your health and fitness level, which may allow you to enjoy a longer run or bike ride when you actually reach your destination.

Your level of fitness before your trip gives you the confidence to handle any potential concerns that may arise. It also gives you the ability to run for the entire route you selected.

Smart fitness technology allows you to make changes to your routes and routines for better fitness; however, it also benefits individuals who plan to travel. By preparing for the trip with a regular workout routine with iFit, you learn about the neighborhood and you gain familiarity with the surroundings. It gives you confidence in your ability to find your way around the area during your trip and it allows you to get in shape and improve your health before you meet new people or start planning for a special event.