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NordicTrack Vault Review

nordictrack vault

Unlike the Tempo and Tonal smart gyms, Vault comes with its own equipment that includes a set of dumbbells up to 30lbs, kettlebells, resistance bands, and yoga blocks. You can also add your own accessories if you wish.

Customers like the variety of classes on offer and that it doesn’t require a large workout space. But its price tag, limited features, and weight may not make it a good fit for everyone.

1. iFit

The Vault is a modern storage solution and a powerful fitness tool thanks to its iFit system. It comes with a free year of iFit family membership and storage for workout accessories like yoga mats and blocks, resistance bands, and dumbbells.

iFit is world class online exercise programming that delivers an endless stream of live and on-demand workout classes. These stream right into the display built into the vault, turning any room in your home into a personal fitness studio.

The Vault requires a subscription to iFit, but it ships with one year free and is very reasonably priced compared to other equipment that uses the same system (like treadmills and bikes). It also works seamlessly with iFit-enabled NordicTrack equipment. You can use the same iFit subscription on your NordicTrack treadmill, Vault, or other fitness equipment.

2. Mirror

The Vault comes with a full HD touchscreen that is cloaked by a mirror, which enables users to watch themselves as they follow workout classes. It also stores custom training accessories and can swivel to accommodate different viewing angles.

It works with iFit, which has a library of over 16,000 live and on-demand workouts in areas like strength training, yoga, and HIIT. The Vault’s 32″ touch screen makes it easy to navigate iFit’s class menu.

For those who are new to working out, the Vault offers a number of trainer-led classes. The Vault is also a great option for those who are looking to upgrade their home gym but don’t want to commit to a more expensive piece of equipment like a treadmill or an exercise bike.

3. Storage

The NordicTrack Vault comes with built-in shelving and holders that can hold a variety of workout equipment. You can purchase the complete Vault that includes five pairs of weights, two kettlebells, and five resistance bands or you can opt for a less expensive standalone model without these accessories.

The hardware for the storage system is solid and doesn’t have any gaps where equipment might fall through. It’s also quite hefty, which contributes to the stability of the Vault.

The NordicTrack vault can be purchased from their website and comes with a one-year family membership to iFit, a 30-day trial of a fitness class and a lifetime frame warranty. It’s available in several colors and you can even opt for financing through TD Fit Loan.

4. Style

Nordictrack doesn’t draw much attention to the Vault’s camera in its promotional imagery, but there it is set into the mirrored surface. It’s a little odd, especially considering it’s a piece of equipment designed to help you get in shape.

The large touchscreen display swivels to let you follow the iFit coach’s guidance while working out. iFit does a great job of vetting their coaches; we enjoyed the motivational energy from Alex Morgan, John Peel, Gideon Akande, and other instructors in classes we tried out.

The Vault comes with built-in metal shelving and holders that can store your own exercise gear. You can also purchase the Complete Vault version that includes six pairs of dumbbells (5 to 30 pounds in increments of five), two kettlebells, three loop bands, and two yoga blocks.

5. Price

NordicTrack’s Vault is a connected home gym that combines built-in storage for equipment with an interactive mirror that streams online fitness classes. Its iFit library contains workouts for strength training, cardio, yoga, and more. Its sleek design and high-quality construction make it a top contender, but its hefty price tag and lack of certain features may not be appealing for everyone.

For a similar experience, consider the Tempo Studio. It’s a self-contained fitness center with a full HD touchscreen cloaked by a large mirror when not in use. Its iFit-enabled classes feature personal trainers such as Alex Morgan, Gideon Akande, and John Peel. However, the Tempo Studio doesn’t have real-time feedback and corrections like other iFit-integrated machines. This may be important to some exercisers, so it’s worth considering the pros and cons of each option before making a purchase decision.