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How to Assemble a NordicTrack Elliptical

NordicTrack is a company with a solid reputation that sells affordable elliptical trainers backed by good warranties. Their consoles offer iFit training (with a free year of family membership included) with a variety of workouts displayed on a 10-inch smart HD touchscreen.

All of their front drive ellipticals for 2022 include adjustable stride length. This feature lets people of all heights feel comfortable with a natural-feeling stride.


Many NordicTrack ellipticals feature iFit, a platform that allows you to follow along with online classes and workouts, tracking your progress. The company adds new classes regularly, ranging from studio sessions to outdoor adventures.

The iFit app is available on all i-enabled NordicTrack machines for 2022 (some with a 30-day free membership included) and offers automated data logging, personalized fitness advice, and more. The app also connects to a number of popular wearable devices, including heart rate monitors and Apple Watches.

The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 is a mid-range elliptical that features a wide range of premium features, such as a 7-inch smart HD touchscreen, adjustable stride length, and built-in speakers. Its quiet magnetic resistance makes it ideal for use in shared spaces, though the incline motor does produce noise. iFit will adjust your machine’s incline and speed to mimic the ups and downs of virtual running trails on Google Maps, making it feel like you’re actually outdoors.

Adjustable Stride Length

Many NordicTrack ellipticals feature adjustable stride length, which is great for users of different heights. You can easily shorten or lengthen the stride on these models by pulling the adjustment knob and sliding the adjustment bracket to other holes. Make sure to align the adjustment arm on both sides of the handlebar leg so that they are at the same length.

Most ellipticals with a comfortable walking-like stride have a maximum stride of about 20 inches. This is great for most people, but shorter people might find it a bit cramped. Fortunately, the Commercial 14.9 Elliptical from NordicTrack offers an impressively long max stride of 18.7 inches.

This model also checks all of the other basic boxes with oversized, adjustable foot pedals, moveable arms, and a 14-inch smart HD touchscreen that displays metrics. It is iFit-compatible and supports iFit coach, with a subscription that lets you follow virtual workouts led by trainers. You can also stream movies or other content, and it has dual CardioGrip heart rate sensors on the handles.

Corrugated Foam Pedals

The corrugated foam pedals on this elliptical reduce the impact that your feet can feel when using it. This feature helps to prevent foot and knee pain that can be caused by other ellipticals. This also makes it easier to use for people who have foot or ankle problems.

You can adjust the pedal height to target different muscles during your workout. Lowering the pedals can help to target the quad muscles more effectively, while raising them can help to target the gluteus maximus. Pedaling backward can also put more emphasis on the hamstring muscles.

NordicTrack ellipticals feature high-quality parts that will hold up to heavy use. They also have a lot of features that can make your workout more fun and challenging. You can even use iFit with this model, although it requires that you commit to a four year subscription. iFit includes automatic trainer control, scenic routes and metric tracking. The only downside is that this elliptical isn’t foldable, which can limit how much space you have available to store it in your home.

Easy Assembly

A lot of people are confused about assembling their nordictrack elliptical, but the process isn’t actually as difficult as it seems. The instructions are broken down into easy-to-follow steps, and it shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. However, it’s always a good idea to have a second person on hand to help you with the assembly process.

This smart elliptical helps you bring interactive personal training into your own home. With the iFIT app, trainers automatically adjust your resistance to optimize your workout and mimic real-world terrains. Stream iFIT workouts via the integrated tablet holder and track all of your key workout stats with enhanced metrics tracking.

With oversized pedals, soft-touch upper body grips and commercial gauge solid steel construction, this NordicTrack SpaceSaver helps you get results without hurting your joints. Train at a low impact rate and use the 22 digital levels of resistance to match your personal trainer’s workout intensity. With iFIT, you can also track your progress in real time and receive live virtual encouragement from the trainers of your choice.