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Nordictrack Vs NordicVault – Which One Is Better For Your Fitness Needs?

What is the NordicTrack Vault series? The NordicTrack Vault is an intelligent, all in one fitness mirror designed to give you a complete physical fitness experience from the comfort of your own home. Each of the machines is powered by its own proprietary iFit software. When you are ready to work out or clean your gym space, you simply pop in the machine and let it do the work for you. You can easily change the resistance levels as needed for your fitness level.

nordictrack vault

This intelligent machine was designed by a nationally recognized strength and conditioning expert who has been working with athletes and professional body builders for over thirty years. This personal trainer developed the NordicTrack to help people build quality workouts in their homes. This smart mirror was designed as a home gym for those individuals who want the convenience of a fitness machine but do not have the room to fit one in their home gym. You can easily place this machine in any corner of the house and know that you are getting the most out of your workouts when you use the NordicTrack vault.

This machine comes in three different pieces. The NordicTrack Deluxe is the original with the LCD display and the unique touch sensitive panel. It also includes the NordicTrack Pulse Pro that helps to keep you on pace with your workout by measuring your heart rate. The Deluxe also includes a weight set to help you build muscle and a resistance pad to help you target those muscles with intensity. The standard version of NordicTracks Vents allows you to simply mix and match the workout mat, resistance pad and LCD display for a more personalized fit.

One great feature of the NordicTracks Vents system is the inclusion of kettlebells. The NordicTracks Kettlebells are extremely sturdy and durable. They include an easy handle and strong shaft that is ideal for heavy duty workouts. The strength of the kettlebells make them ideal for cardio and fitness routines. When you use these dumbbells with the NordicTracks Vents, you are combining an effective cardio workout with strength training. This will maximize the benefits of both exercises and will speed up the fat burning process.

Another thing you will like about the NordicTracks Vents and the Nordicapult is that you can get a complete version and get additional equipment for a lower price. If you buy these complete versions, you can be assured that you are getting the most out of your workout routine. If you like to work out with heavier weights, then you’ll love the extra weight included with the NordicVent collection. This weighs two pounds and includes an impressive eight pounds of solid cast iron kettlebells with a foot lock for stability.

As a bonus, when you purchase one of the NordicVent pieces or the NordicVault Complete version you will also receive a complete fitness package including a fitness mirror, a tensioner, and a kettlebell. This is perfect for any level of exerciser because it gives them everything they need to start their own home gym. The problem many people have when they are working out at gyms is not having enough room, so this is the perfect way to jump-start your fitness routine at home.

If you don’t want to take the added expense of getting the NordicVent and NordicVault Complete, you can also get the original NordicTracks Kettlebell and a free personalized resistance band. These items will work well with the NordicVault, and will give you a higher level of fitness and tone up your body. You can expect to lose about an inch or two from the original NordicTracks Kettlebell and a tone of three to four inches from the original NordicTracks Resistance Band.

Nordictrack fitness equipment comes with five mirrors that you can adjust according to your height. You can even change the glass color for a customized look. One of the best features of this product is the mirror that comes with it, which can be adjusted to show your upper body and has a shade to cover your upper chest. While the NordicVent and NordicVault come with many features, it is still easy to use and it can be used as an excellent work out tool if you find the right workout program.