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NordicTrack Elliptical Review

nordictrack elliptical

NordicTrack ellipticals are among the best options for at-home cardio workouts. They provide a wide range of features and resistance levels, which makes them a great choice for everyone from beginners to experts.

Most of their machines are front drive, which means that the flywheel for resistance is located behind the pedals. This provides a smooth and quiet ride, though it may be less comfortable for those with shorter strides.


NordicTrack ellipticals are some of the best options available for people looking to get a great workout from their own home gym. They have a variety of different models to choose from and some of them even come at a lower price than other premium machines.

These ellipticals feature many of the same features as their higher-end counterparts, including a variety of resistance levels, an incline capability, auto-adjusting stride length, and a large touchscreen display. Some of them also offer a free trial of iFIT, which allows users to access online workouts with world-class personal trainers.

The Commercial 14.9 is a top-notch model that offers everything you could want from a smart elliptical machine. It offers a heavy flywheel, a wide range of training features (including both decline and incline), and a 14-inch touch screen.

The Spacesaver series is another popular option from NordicTrack. These ellipticals are compact and fold up for easy storage. However, their 18″ stride length is among the shortest in the line, so these are not good options for taller individuals.


If you’re looking for a low impact cardio machine, an elliptical is a great option. They’re easy on the joints and provide a full body workout, making them perfect for beginners or those with joint pain or limited mobility.

NordicTrack ellipticals offer a wide variety of exercises that will give you an effective workout. Many models have built-in programs that are designed by a personal trainer and are based on calorie burn, incline training, heart rate or speed.

You can also purchase a model that is compatible with iFIT, which offers a large library of accessible elliptical workouts 24/7. These programs will help you get more out of your elliptical exercise by giving you goals and visible progress.

Most of the ellipticals in the NordicTrack range have moving handlebars to support total-body workouts, which can be helpful for those who have joint pain or limited mobility. Front-drive ellipticals are generally more comfortable than rear-drive ellipticals, as the flywheel is closer to the user’s body.


NordicTrack ellipticals offer a variety of control options to suit your needs. They have a great range of consoles and handlebar controls that make adjusting the resistance and incline on the machine simple.

The ellipticals also offer a wide range of resistance levels so that you can challenge yourself at any point during your workout. This is an important feature as the resistance can vary greatly depending on your weight and level of fitness.

In addition to this, they offer an extensive selection of stride lengths so you can choose the right machine for your needs.

The ellipticals also have a wide variety of features such as preset workouts, incline power ramps and iFit compatibility. The iFit system allows users to create a personalized workout plan that can be displayed on the console.


Nordictrack’s ellipticals come with lots of safety features. For example, if you accidentally slip on the machine and fall, the machine will shut down.

Another important safety feature is a magnet that sits on the console of the elliptical. The magnet can be removed and placed on a piece of clothing to turn off the machine in case you slip.

Aside from being safe, the Nordictrack elliptical is also compact, so it can fit into small spaces. This makes it an ideal choice for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of floor space.

As with any fitness equipment, you’ll need to take care of your elliptical from the moment it arrives. Be sure to thoroughly wipe it down with a soft cloth at least once a week to keep dust from accumulating.