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NordicTrack RW900 Smart Rower

norditrack rower

The RW900 is NordicTrack’s smart, top-of-the-line rower with a 22-inch screen that provides access to a subscription experience featuring on-demand workouts and live on-water classes led by Olympians. It also has dual air and magnetic resistance for a truly high-intensity rowing experience.

A molded seat moves along an oversized sliding rail to provide a smooth rowing motion and stability. You can adjust the 26 levels of magnetic resistance manually or allow iFit to automatically adjust it during your trainer-led classes via SmartAdjust technology.


iFit, which is included with every NordicTrack rower, is what PCMag called “a standout feature.” This interactive connected fitness system offers trainer-led streaming workouts that adjust your incline, speed and resistance via the console or handle.

Classes are filmed in professional studios and on location around the world, which makes you feel like you’re part of the class. Indoor classes are typically accompanied by an instructor in front of you while outdoor classes feature breathtaking scenery as the camera pans around the landscape.

The RW900 rower is the most expensive option and features a large 22-inch touchscreen, premium sound system and auto-adjusting resistance. This model also has transport wheels and can fold between workouts, which makes it easier to store and set up. Its seat is about 19 inches off the floor, which may be too high for people with mobility issues or who have less flexibility in their hips. The RW900 also uses magnetic resistance, which is quieter than air resistance.

22-Inch Touchscreen

This smart rower comes with a free iFit membership which gives you access to thousands of studio workouts and global classes that can be streamed on the immersive 22-inch touchscreen. These interactive classes are led by iFit trainers like Kevin Scott, a world-class rower who travels the globe and leads sessions in French Polynesia, Tahiti, and more.

The immersive touchscreen can tilt and pivot so you can follow along with your trainer during live or on-demand iFit class sessions. The machine also has 26 digital resistance levels so you can challenge yourself during a session.

When you’re not in the mood for an interactive class, a few taps on the display can set you up for a manual workout, where you row at your own pace and burn calories at your own rate. The NordicTrack RW900 also includes a heartbeat monitor and auxiliary music port. Its dimensions are a bit long and wide so it’ll require you to clear out some space in your home for it.

Dual Air & Magnetic Resistance

Unlike most NordicTrack rowers, the RW900 uses a dual air and magnetic resistance system to give you a great full-body workout. This combo system also allows the machine to automatically adjust your workout with iFit’s database of classes and routes so you can just sit back and enjoy your training session.

It’s also quieter than an air rower but lacks the responsive power you find in a fully-air-powered flywheel. The RW900 does have a damper, though, that helps you fine-tune the amount of air flow and thus resistance imposed.

The console is a bit small and basic, but it tracks all the important data you need to track your progress. It also features a tablet clip that can hold your personal device during a workout. Upgraded consoles offer a larger LCD screen and subscription content that provides instructional and motivational programs.

Easy Assembly

Get a full-body cardio and strength workout on one piece of equipment with the help of these Norditrack rowers. You can also tuck them away when you’re finished using them thanks to their foldable design and transport wheels.

The RW900 smart rower from NordicTrack is one of the best smart rowers on the market. The large 22-inch touchscreen offers a highly immersive experience as you virtually row across bodies of water on the screen. The auto-adjust feature automatically changes resistance to mimic the conditions on the body of water you’re rowing through.

iFit is like having a personal trainer on your equipment. It includes daily fitness classes led by world-renowned personal trainers, Google Maps(tm) street view so you can map out your trail, HD workout videos from around the globe and more. You can also track your progress and goals on iFIT, which is available on most NordicTrack equipment.