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NordicTrack Rower 2022 Review

While Peloton is the king of interactive workouts on treadmills and bikes, NordicTrack has also entered the rowing space with a number of models. The iFit membership that comes with these machines offers a range of classes and training options.

The machines have 22-inch touch screens and a large footprint. They are also taller than some competitors, such as the Hydrow Rower and Echelon Row-S.


NordicTrack’s fully redesigned 2022 model is the most affordable large-screen rower on the market. It has 26 digital resistance levels, a swivel 22-inch HD touchscreen, and front-facing speakers. It also has the best velcro foot straps I’ve seen on any rower.

This smart rower is tightly integrated with the iFit connected-fitness app. iFit saves your workout statistics and, if you connect a heart rate monitor, will track your calories burned. It’s also got SmartAdjust, a high-tech resistance feature that automatically increases stroke resistance as you get stronger during iFit classes.

First-time buyers get a free month of iFit, which has over 16,000 coached classes. Classes are hosted by professional trainers and focus on building muscle in different parts of the body. Many of the iRow workouts are designed to be completed in 30-minute sessions, and iFit’s AutoAdjust technology adjusts the machine’s resistance automatically for each class. You can also choose a river from anywhere in the world to row on virtual waterways for an immersive experience.


If your NordicTrack rower resistance isn’t working, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try before calling the manufacturer or a repair person. These tips should help you find the problem quickly and safely.

Air rowers use a spinning flywheel to create resistance and are known for their strong performance and smooth, realistic feel. They tend to be less expensive than water-resistance rowers and have a smaller footprint for storage. Air rowers make a humming noise when you pull the handle, which some find annoying.

Water resistance rowers have paddles suspended in a tank of water and create resistance by the force of the user pulling on the handle. They provide a natural-feeling workout and are recommended by many Olympic athletes. They also have a larger price tag than other resistance types. However, they are quiet and can fold up for storage.


Rowers might seem like high-powered elite fitness machines designed just for athletes, but they can offer a powerful workout for anyone who wants to improve their strength or build endurance. They also work well as cross-training for other workouts such as running, cycling or using a treadmill.

The RW900 is one of the most high-tech NordicTrack rowers with a 22-inch touchscreen monitor that can tilt to your comfort level for streaming iFit workout classes. The included iFit membership includes unlimited access to on-demand and live classes, and you can choose from rivers across the globe for a more immersive experience. You can even opt-in for automatic resistance adjustments during iFit classes.

If you want a more personal touch, you can join iFit Live sessions hosted by top trainers like Olympian Alex Gregory or NYC’s Alex Silver-Fagan. They can live control your rower and provide expert stroke guidance to help you perfect your form. These sessions are fun and motivating and can be very helpful to beginners.


In this completely redesigned 2022 rower, NordicTrack has packed a lot into one machine. It has a beautiful 22” HD touchscreen, 26 digital resistance levels, and a quiet magnetic flywheel. This is a rower that is made to be displayed in your home. Its oversized steel seat rail and sleek design are both visually appealing. It connects to iFIT, providing access to instructor-led scenic and studio classes. However, new classes and programs are not released on a regular basis, which can be disappointing for avid rowers.

Another issue is that the NordicTrack RW900 has a lower weight capacity than some other rowers. It only holds up to 250 lbs, which is a little below the average for high-end rowers. The handle also feels different compared to previous models and may not be comfortable for some users. This model has a great warranty package, including a 10-year frame and 2-year parts warranty. However, it does not fold and requires a fair amount of space for storage.