Connecting iFit Equipment & Devices via Bluetooth

The wonderful thing about iFit® is you can take your personalized exercise program with you everywhere. Access unlimited workouts by famous personal trainers in your own NordicTrack equipment or in the neighborhood fitness center.

Connecting iFit Equipment & Devices via Bluetooth

To Be Able to get your workouts, you’ll need the following:

  • Android™ tablet or iPad®.
  • iFit membership.
  • IFit Bluetooth® enabled elliptical, elliptical, incline treadmill, or stationary bicycle.
  • WiFi™ connection.

Then download the iFit Smart Cardio tablet program. It is accessible on iOS® and Android™. (If located out of the U.S. download the iFit Bluetooth® program ).

Once you have completed this, follow these steps:

  • Combine iFit by seeing ifit.com.
  • Buy or trigger the iFit membership.
  • Program or make a workout on the iFit site.
  • Sign in your iFit account.
  • Switch Bluetooth® on.
  • Practice the guided walkthrough to sync your device with your machine.
  • Start a workout.

When you’ve completed these steps, your iFit Bluetooth® program will remember your device and automatically join for every workout session.

Please notice: The iFit Bluetooth® program will exhibit a Bluetooth® icon which indicates your link status. When you have connected to your gear , it is going to light up with a blue icon. When there isn’t any connection established or the connection was missing, the icon will be gray. Be certain that you sync through the iFit Bluetooth® tablet program; differently, your apparatus and machine won’t work properly if you sync with your device’s own Bluetooth® setting.

It is possible to sync your iFit Bluetooth® system :

  • Turning your device on.
  • Making certain the Bluetooth® is enabled in your apparatus.
  • Remaining within range of your system as you’ve got your device to maintain the relationship.

If you are trying to join, press on the Bluetooth® button in your gear. When the button has been pressed, it is going to show a 4-digit sync code that is unique to your own machine.

Ensure That Your gear is up-to-date with the latest firmware, and when it is not then follow these steps:

  • Visit the settings menu.
  • Assess for any firmware upgrades .
  • When an upgrade is available, pick the upgrade.
  • Do not remove your device from the gear and don’t disconnect Bluetooth® while it is updating.
  • If your upgrade fails, then force close the program.
  • Open the program .
  • Try the firmware upgrade again till you are successful.

The iFit Smart Cardio program provides you total control over the pace and incline of your gear throughout your workout, and that means you receive a really personalized experience.

Control your work out working with the iFit Bluetooth® tablet program by performing the following:

  • Use the sliders on each side to increase or reduce the worth of the rate and incline.
  • Harness the radio buttons so as to cycle throughout the metrics. This will let you see each the different metrics offered for your work out.
  • Select the”Resume Incline” or”Resume Speed” alternatives to contact the first pre-programmed values to your workout.
  • When Street View can be obtained, swipe involving the viewpoints left and right to view many displays and statistics.

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